Connie Williams Shaw is a native
of North West Tennessee.
Connie graduated from High
School with a major in music and
completed her education at the University of
Memphis with a Bachelor of Science degree in
Secondary Education with an endorsement in
History. She taught at the University of Arkansas
Medical Sciences where she worked with verbally
abusive, physically violent and autistic children.

Continuing to pursue musical endeavors, Connie
studied music while in college and has been
mentored by Charlie Adams, drummer with Yanni.
After relocation to the Nashville area she has been
able to use her percussion skills in a variety of
ways from CD projects to playing the Grand Ole
Opry in Glasgow, Scotland.

Connie has traveled throughout the United States,
Canada, Europe and Central America with her
husband, Ken (Soaring Eagle Entertainment)
capturing on film and video important events
occurring with the indigenous people groups of
these areas. It was during these travels she was
taught various traditional beading techniques by
First Nations people.

Connie’s love for history and a desire to
understand her own heritage (Cherokee/Scottish)
is expressed and can be seen in her designs. Each
piece is hand crafted using natural materials and is
also an original design. Connie hopes you enjoy
wearing her designs as much as she enjoys
creating them.
Custom designs have been created for celebrities
such as Grammy Award Winner, Bill Miller; Native
American Music Award Winner, Quatisi; Charlie
Adams, drummer with Yanni, and most recently for
the music video entitled, “Live It Slow” for country
artist Keith Bryant.
Connie is creating a new company which will carry
women’s & men’s T-shirts, jewelry and accessories
with an edge. There will also be a selection of
coffee mugs, greeting cards and CD’s. The new
company is called RhythmChic which was taken
from her stage name, The Rhythm Chic.
Connie Shaw Biography